Corporate Association
Admission Counseling / Career Guidance
Career counseling and career coaching at college are similar in nature to traditional counseling. However, the focus is generally on issues such as Career Exploration, Career Change, Personal Career Development, Branch Selection, Current Trends and other career related issues. Career counseling at SSCE is the process of helping the students to select a course of study that may help them to get into job or make them employable. DCET provides ample opportunity to explore their needs with Mentors and Expert Career Counselors on campus.
We also help the students in:

Course selection
We solve your predicaments related to selection of the course for Engineering Degree.

Admission Formalities
Choosing the right kind of course from the multitude options is indeed a trying task. We provide our enrolled students with the tools, which help them to identify and narrow down their choices of interest. Our expert counselors guide the students to wisely select the course/ program, and then it is our responsibility to take the student through the entire process of admission. It is our responsibility to assist the student in preparing all the necessary documentation and finally fulfill their dreams.