Corporate Association
S.No. Facility
1 More than 10000 books are available in library.
2 Fully Wi-Fi Campus
3 Full campus under CCTV surveillance.
4 Research Journals.
5 Magazines & Project Books.
6 Reading Room for Students.
7 Separate Study Area for alone study.
8 Book Bank Facility.
9 Digital Library with CD-ROMs & Internet Facility.
10 Delnet Membership with access to its huge database of
e-books,online catalogues,videos,thesis & dissertations.
   Basic Science
S.No. Lab
1 Engineering Physics Lab.
2 Engineering Chemistry Lab.
3 Language Lab.
   Computer Science Department
S.No. Lab
1 DSA Lab.
2 SSE Lab.
3 OOPS Lab.
4 C Programming Lab.
5 Computer Center.
    Electronics & Communicatiom Department
S.No. Lab
1 Analog Electronics Lab.
2 Digital Electronics Lab.
3 Electronics Workshop.
4 Communication Engineering Lab.
5 Electronics & Electrical Workshop.
6 Micro Processor Lab.
7 Microwave Lab.
8 EMI Lab.
    Electrical Engg. Dept.
S.No. Lab

Machine Lab-1.


Machine Lab-2.



Power Electronics

Advanced Power Electronics

Electrical Measurement Lab 



   Mechanical Engg. Dept.
S.No. Lab
1 Strength of Material.
2 Material Science Lab.
3 Thermal Engineering Lab.
4 Production  Engineering Lab.
5 Machine Drawing.
   Civil Engg.Dept.
S.No. Lab
1 Civil  Engineering Material & Geology Lab.
2 Fluid Mechanics Lab.
3 Engineering  Drawing.
4 Engineering Mechanics & Experimental Techniques Lab.

Dungarpur College of Engineering and Technology provides the facility of hostel with rooms with all modern  amenities. The features of the hostels are:

S.No. Service  
1 Round the Clock Security System.
2 Specious Open Court and Terraces.
3 Resident Warden.
4 Geysers & Water Coolers.
5 Round the Clock electric & Water Supply.
6 Good Quality Nutritious & Homely Food.
7 Specious Dining & Common Rooms with Cable TV.
8 Local Pay-Phone Facility.
9 Large Entrance Hall with Reception & Specious Visitors Room.
10 Laundry Facility.
11 24hrs. Medical Facility Available.
Dungarpur College of Engineering and Technology provides College Bus Facility for Students, which covers all the corners of the city having four routes. The college intends to extend this facility for students to various other parts of the District.